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    "Just wanted to send a quick note to tell you my children had an amazing time. Thanks to all the coaches that really gave one-on-one coaching to ​all the kids. It was an experience they will never forget, neither will. Looking forward to next year!!!" - Carmela M. 

    "The amount of one on one attention my son received throughout the week was amazing. We were not expecting the number of kids enrolled to be kept so small so felt that the value of the camp was unmatched compared to other camps hosted in the area. You could tell every person involved in the camp took such pride in what they were providing and sincerely cared about the skaters and the parents. We can't wait to cone back next year." - Carissa B

    "JR Hockey School was one of the greatest experiences I've ever had in hockey. I had no idea what to expect going in and I honestly didn't want to have any expectations. The few I had, were blown away.

    This isn't one of those celebrity camps where the namesake shows up for five minutes just to show their face. JR was there the whole time every day. He was enthusiastic and gave personal instruction to everyone, no matter the skill level. Everyone improved through the three days and will certainly carry more confidence through the rest of their hockey playing days as a result.

    It didn't end on the ice either. JR was gracious enough to hang out with the attendees afterwards. He answered questions, told stories and listened to his fans' memories as well. This was an element no one expected but everyone enjoyed as much, if not more, as the time on the ice.

    I thought this would be a one time experience but JR Hockey School is something that I always want to be a part of. I lived out a dream of sharing the ice with JR, taking tips from him, taking passes from him and even winning a draw from him, once. 

    The best part was that it all didn't end on the ice. I was able to hang out with a hero of mine and feel like one of his boys for a few nights. JR Hockey School was more than anything I could have expected. I'll always remember it and I hope I can experience it all again." - Marc-Louis P

    "JR Hockey School was all I could ever ask for and more! I attended simply to spend time with my favorite hockey player, but found great value in the skill sessions. JR proved yet again why he's one of a kind - they don't make famous athletes like that anymore." - Brad S.


    "My husband and I registered for JR's adult hockey school.  We weren't sure what to expect.  We thought JR and the other NHL players would just make guest appearances.  It was a real pleasure to be on the ice learning from them.  The ratio of instructors to players allowed for personal attention.  It was 3 days of hockey, hard work, fun and making new friends.  We look forward to participating in the 2018 hockey school." - Dawn and George


    “ I love hockey and, simply put, the Jeremy Roenick Hockey School was one of the best experiences anyone who loves hockey could ever hope to have. I  hope to keep coming back as long as I can skate.  It was remarkable how the program of drills could remain challenging but allow for a wide variety of skill levels, and all participants came away with techniques and pointers which they could take back to their various leagues no matter the level.  More importantly, the coaches and staff (which included other former NHL players) were all outstanding, patient and personable and made it a great environment with a lot of camaraderie.  Also, in a lot of celebrity sponsored camps the name celebrity just does a courtesy drop in. That is not the case in this school. Jeremy Roenick was on the ice with us every second and spent hours off the ice with us as well every night of the camp.  He is an unbelievably genuine and fun person who went above and beyond to make sure we all had a great time and learned more about the game.  I could go on for a long time about what a great experience this was but I would recommend the Jeremy Roenick Hockey School to all .” - Darrell N.

    "Our experience with Jeremy Roenick's Hockey School was hands down, the best.

    My seven and nine year old participated in the JR's school. Not only did they acquire new skating and stick handling techniques, but more importantly, the boys took away valuable lessons they will remember for the rest of their lives. JR and the other coaches taught the boys the importance of hard work as an individual, but also as a team player.  The boys learned that there is no "I" in hockey. It is a team sport that promotes the virtue of working together. 

    My boy's loved their first few days of camp so much, they twisted my arm to participate in the adult school. As a rookie player, I was nervous and reluctant to skate with a group of men and professionals. However, I as soon as I took the ice, everyone made me feel like I was part of their "team." JR and his coaches were extremely encouraging and supportive throughout our drills and helped push me out of my comfort zone. They emphasized the level of importance to communicate with others on and off the ice. They demonstrated this by constantly making eye contact with players and encouraging others to do the same. Never once did I feel intimated while skating with the group.

    The boys and I anxiously await to participate in next year's camp." - Jen K.